Read My Lip

January 17, 2011

My cousins and I have recently been teasing my uncle that he’s the last man in America with a mustache (Tom Selleck excluded of course). Well India is single lip-edly making a push to bring them back. And they are doing it in a big way. Literally:

Please just take a moment and take it all in: the symmetry of shape and color, the variation of length, the complexity of the pattern, the curiosity about how it came about. Did he start with a full beard and prune it to this? Or was this the plan from the start and he used a stencil to outline it from the beginning? He wasn’t the only one, there was also this guy:

Note the shadows it makes on his shoulders. It’s similar shape to the first one, but a little lacking in range of lengths and shading. Tom Selleck, you’ve been put on notice.


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